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Favoloso means fabulous in Italian,  and that's just how we want you to feel being part of our community!  Nestled in the backstreets of seaside Bronte, we have been part of the Bronte Community for 16 years.


Favoloso Espresso Bar + Deli  was inspired after an amazing two years living , loving and devouring life and culture  in the Aeolian  Islands -  created from a  desire to experience a little piece of Italy where locals come for their morning espresso – a hub for gossip and meeting new people just as they do in Italy!


After many days spent relaxing in the Piazza at Lingua - on the island of Salina - sipping espressos, frolicking with the locals, taking dips in the  Tyrrhenian Sea, and enjoying  savoury morsels, granitas and a negroni or few...I decided that perhaps getting a job in this place where I spent so much time, might be a good idea.

And so, my most memorable life experience began when I started to work at Bar D'Alfredo's - the famous granita bar owned by Alfredo himself, and his two charming sons, Piero and Angelo.

While working on the Aeolian Islands, eating and cooking with the locals and ‘la famiglia’, I learned to create the simple yet flavoursome recipes and methods for making the panini and other Favoloso specials. I also learned that one should never start swimming until they are more 'cappuccino' in colour rather than a 'mozzarella' tone, and that one should never order a cappuccino after midday! More significantly however,  it reminded me of the importance of family, community inclusiveness and love when sharing food together.


The Aeolian Islands are located in Sicily just off the south west coast of mainland Italy. They are known as the windy islands and believed to be the home of Aeolus, god of wind. Many Australian-Italians have ancestry from these islands and Australia is often referred to as the 8th Aeolian Island. Its diverse history is reflected in its cooking and flavours which tend to be hotter and sweeter than other regions of Italy. Ricotta, tuna  capers, chili, lemon, blood oranges, figs, pistachios, almonds and sweet wines are traditional flavours enjoyed.


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